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Charlie Mac’s Next 2 Books Released as a 2 Book Set

A Minor Inconvenience: Two years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Garret Pearson can clear his name only by bringing down the men who ruined his life. He searches for a way to exact his revenge, and with the help of two fellow inmates creates Information Unlimited.

Garret can pry into any computer system. No one can stop him.

A Major Concern: Garret Pearson and his Information Unlimited cronies must solve a murder. But there are problems. The crime is eight years old. There are no clues. There are no suspects. And worse, no motive.

Only Information Unlimited can re-create the crime scene. Only Information Unlimited can retrieve documents and evidence. Only Information Unlimited can uncover a drug smuggling operation of such magnitude that even the cartels are jealous.

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the Colorado State Fair

Charlie Mac will be signing copies of Legends Lost at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, CO, from August 22nd through September 1st. The times are 11:00am to 10:00pm daily.


Come on down and enjoy the fair and meet Charlie!


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the Legends Lost eBook Sale!

Do you love to read, but want your favorite books to be available as eBooks? Then you're not alone. Surveys show that people with e-readers enjoy an average of eight books a year more than those without electronic reading devices. And now you can read award winning Charlie Mac's gripping novel, Legends Lost, as an eBook!


For a limited time, Charlie is offering his captivating Old West adventure on Kindle for $2.99.


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Legends Lost

Release Date: April 13th, 2012
Charile Mac Book - Legends Lost

Three thousand miles apart, Oregon mill owner, Robert Carlisle, and New York City freight company proprietor, James Longley, were each marked for death. Carlisle and Longley had a secret past. Years earlier they had been hunted by an elite posse that was more interested in Western justice than courtroom procedure...

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Complex and creative. Legends Losts…a significant achievement for Charlie Mac.

Julie Simpson

Colorado Country Life

Legends Lost is an intriguing adventure set in the Old West. With historic characters such as Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Etta Place, the book is a real page turner.

Linda Wommack

Staff Writer, Wild West Magazine

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Charlie Mac Book Author


A former entrepreneur and marketing executive, Charlie Mac lives in Colorado and is the author of four novels.

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How does an author write a novel?
     I’ve been asked this question at every show, signing, or event, and I’ve reduced it to two components.      First:  you must start the book.  Second: you must finish the book.  No matter how interesting your subject matter is (and from an author’s point of view, the most interesting person you know [...]


Charlie Mac signing Legends Lost at the PBR
I’ll be signing copies of Legends Lost at the Professionsl Bullriders Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Oct 22-26, 10am-5pm daily.  Come on by and visit. [...]




Legends Lost – 2013 First Place, CIPA, fiction
Colorado Independent Publishers Association

Indie Excellence Award, Finalist

Legends Lost – 2014, Finalist; Indie Excellence Award, Western
National Indie Excellence Awards

Charlie Mac’s Legends Lost was awarded First Place in the fiction category at the annual Colorado Independent Publishers Association awards dinner on Saturday, May 18th at the Park Meadows Marriott Hotel in Denver, CO. It was an amazing night, and I was thrilled and honored that my book was selected.