Why Legends Lost?

A few years ago, Paul Newman was asked why there wasn’t a sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  I thought it was a good question –particularly when Newman pointed out that no one saw Butch and Sundance actually die in the movie.  And this gave me an idea…an idea that took years to develop.

Legends Lost begin when I asked three questions:  How would Butch and Sundance get out of Bolivia?  And if they did, what would happen to them?  And why would E.H. Harriman still want them dead?


All I had to do was answer three questions and I had a book.  Or so I thought.


Somewhere along the line, research reared its ugly head.  I had to find out about Robert Leroy Parker, Harry Longabaugh, Abraham Lincoln, E.H. Harriman and the Union Pacific Railroad, Joe LeFors, John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln assassination conspiracy theories…and a whole lot of other people, events, and things.  Ironically, my three questions turned into three hundred questions.


Writing Legends Lost was the easy part.

12 thoughts on “Why Legends Lost?

  1. Charlie, your web site looks great! When can I get an autographed copy of Legends Lost?
    P.S. Your grandchildren would like to have a slumber party at your house ASAP:)

  2. I just finished reading an advance reader’s copy of Legends Lost. Holly cow! What a great book! The story kept me guessing on how it would all end until the last pages. It was like watching a great movie! The type of movie you don’t want to leave, even to use the bathroom, because your afraid you’ll miss something. Congratulations on your first published book – it is outstanding. I can’t wait to read your next published book. B-R-A-V-O!!!!! to Charlie Mac.

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